Autism awareness month in Chicago
3 helpful resources for Autism Awareness Month and Autism Acceptance Month

Autism awareness and acceptance of individuals diagnosed with this developmental condition are among the main focuses during this month of April. With people acknowledging Autism awareness every month, society is able to reduce negative stigmas associated with Autism and promote inclusivity for those on the spectrum.

The results of this effort are evidenced in how society has been able to understand what autism entails, both in the workplace and in schools and in everyday life. In schools, for example, special education teachers are trained to teach and accommodate students with Autism. In job settings, employers are implementing inclusive hiring practices and providing necessary accommodations for employees on the spectrum.

This month, one of the key figures in promoting Autism Awareness and Acceptance, Kylie Kelce, along with Ryan Hammond who serves as the executive director of Eagles Autism Foundation, made an appearance on TODAY’s plaza.

The purpose was to officially kick off both Autism Awareness Month and to help fundraise for various organizations that are dedicated to these causes. The following groups are committed to raising funds for Autism-related initiatives, connecting communities and families, providing education and resources, and ultimately increasing public awareness about Autism. 

Eagles Autism Foundation

One of the key missions of the Eagles Autism Foundation is to secure financial support for pioneering research and comprehensive care initiatives. Through its partnerships with renowned medical institutions, the foundation plays a vital role in aiding individuals currently impacted by Autism as well as future generations. 

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is devoted to establishing a diverse and comprehensive society for individuals with Autism at every stage of their life through advocating, providing services and support, conducting research and promoting innovation, as well as enhancing care for people on the spectrum and their families. 

Autism Society

The Autism Society, along with its extensive network of affiliates, provides individuals with access to essential resources through a variety of channels including education, advocacy, support, information and referral services, as well as community programs. 

Support & Treatment

It is of utmost importance for organizations to actively demonstrate their support and advocacy for individuals with Autism. Such efforts greatly benefit the Autism community by instilling hope in them to achieve a fulfilling and well-rounded life.

At Illinois Autism Center, we strive to promote awareness as well as provide effective interventions for Autistic children.