Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Welcome to Illinois Autism Center!

With the intention of utilization of our Website, it is imperative that you closely examine the stipulations of this Agreement. These clauses and conditions serve as a legal contract between yourself and https://ilautism.com.

For the purpose of comprehension of this terms of service notice, when we express “client,” “you,” or “your,” we are referencing the individual accessing our Website and subscribing to the organization’s regulations. Our business is alluded to as “the company,” “ourselves,” “we,” or “us.”

When we allude to the pronouns “we,” “client,” “us,” and “our,” we are suggesting to the organization, company, and customer in question. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, these words dictate the understanding, acceptance, and payment that must be provided by us so as to deliver our services effectively to the client under the laws of the state of Illinois.


When one accesses the Illinois Autism Center’s Website, a text document is saved on their device. This file, known as a cookie, enables us to comprehend how visitors interact with our page and customize the user journey accordingly. The application of cookies by our Privacy Policy was accepted by you when initially visited the Illinois Autism Center.

Almost all modern websites take advantage of cookies to facilitate the gathering of user data during repeat visits. Our Website further utilizes these mechanisms in order to ensure that certain components operate optimally and quickly. Several affiliates and collaborators additionally utilize cookies for their own purposes.


Content existing on Illinois Autism Center, with the exception of any discriminatingly identifiable information, is the sole property of the Illinois Autism Center or its rightful holders. Devoted to respecting intellectual property rights according to these terms and conditions, you are authorized to only view material from Illinois Autism Center for merely your own individual utilization while adhering to the established limits.

You musn’t avail;

  • Yourself of the Illinois Autism Center’s materials without prior consent.
  • Circulate, lease, or exchange content from the Illinois Autism Center.
  • Make replicas of, or copy material from the Illinois Autism Center.
  • Distribute materials taken from the Illinois Autism Center to your target market.

This Agreement will take effect from the moment it is signed.

A variety of sections on this Website enable users to communicate and swap views and opinions. Before any remarks are posted online, they are not examined or modified by the Illinois Autism Center.

The views shared in the comments portions of this platform are not to be seen as equivalent to, nor do they necessarily reflect upon, those of Illinois Autism Center and its personnel or affiliates unless otherwise specified. The opinions given in these commentaries should be regarded as merely those which have been formed by the persons who gave them and must not be taken as beliefs held by Illinois Autism.

To the extent of law permissible, Illinois Autism Center holds no accountability or responsibility for any comments posted to this Website, nor shall we be subject to any liabilities, damages, or expenses that may arise from such a posting.

The Illinois Autism Center hereby retains the privilege to review all submissions and remove any remarks that are considered offensive, hostile, or in contradiction with its terms of service.

Confirm and attest to having read and comprehend the terms and conditions.

  • You hold the requisite authorizations and approvals to publish the Comments on our page.
  • Your Comment will not comprise any elements that contravene another individual’s intellectual property rights, including copyrights and licenses.
  • Your comment will not be slanderous or derogatory; it is not adversarial, off-putting, vulgar, or salacious; it meets all legal parameters and does not infringe upon any privacy rights.
  • It is not being used to progress or cultivate a business, nor is it intended as an avenue to exhibit mercantile activities or illicit behaviors.

If you wish to adjust any of your previous comments, you hereby grant Illinois Autism Center non-exclusive authorization to do so. Furthermore, you provide Illinois Autism Center with the right to bestow others with the capacity to modify any of your statements.

Hyperlinking to our Content:

Links belonging to organizations like the following are allowed to be used without getting prior written consent:

  • Government Organization
  • Outstanding search engines, including, for instance, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Press outlets and other types of newspapers or media publications.
  • Websites in different directories may be connected to us through mutual links; this is a common practice among companies that belong to the same directory.

The links may be integrated into our homepage, newsletters, and other associated digital resources as long as the connection does not endanger or cause damage to our Website.

No misinformation of the populace is disseminated through the affiliated entity’s online platform; b) no wrong endorsement, favoritism, or support of the linked organization and its products or services is implied; and c) no ill-suited utilization of the relevant entity’s Website is insinuated.

We could consider and offer support for link requests from a variety of organizations, including:

  • Recognizable consumer and enterprise-related data sources;
  • dot.com internet sites;
  • Online portals;
  • Charitable organizations or associations;
  • Accounting, legal, and consulting firms;
  • Web directory providers;
  • Educational organizations and trade associations.

We shall accept link requests from organizations if we determine that:

  • Such connection would not pose a detriment to us or any of our associated entities;
  • The proposed link has no negative ill-standing with our organization;
  • We will benefit from increased visibility due to the presence of the hyperlink, outweighing any disadvantages for Illinois Autism Center; and
  • The link is proposed in an appropriate context as a resource for general information.

We shall accept link requests from these organizations, provided they are in line with our requirements that they:

  1. Do not misguide;
  2. Receive no support, endorsement, or backing from the associated party as well as its products and services;
  3. Are appropriate for the context of the linking party’s Website.

If it is not a burden, kindly notify us should you have any ties to the organizations listed in Section 2 and be interested in building a partnership with our Website. Please send your message to Illinois Autism Center via email.

Remember to submit the following information: your name, organization, contact details, website URL, a list of URLs from which you would like our Website to link with yours, and a list of URLs from our Website that you wish to link back to your own. Afterwards, kindly await our response.

It is permissible for organizations that have already been given authorization to link to our Website. When establishing a connection with our Website:

You are allowed to reference our company name by

  • Citing the URL to which it is linked
  • Noting some other representation of our Website that is appropriate in light of the arrangement and context of content on the linking entity’s page.

Depending on the context and layout of content on the connecting party’s web page, you may use our company name, uniform resource locator (URL), or any other suitable representation of our Website to establish a connection to our Website.

Unless granted explicit authorization, the Illinois Center for Autism logo and any other artwork used for branding purposes shall not be utilized.


It is forbidden to make any alterations or additions to the visual design of our Website unless we have granted explicit permission and authorization. Such activities without consent are strictly prohibited.

Content Liability:

We do not assume responsibility for any of the material present on your Website. You consent to safeguard and vouch for us against all potential claims which might emerge from our utilization of your Website.

There must not be any connections that can be understood as offensive or prohibited or which infringe upon, in any way violates, or allows for the infringement of any external rights, including intellectual property rights. Any such links will not be tolerated.

Your Privacy

Kindly review our Privacy Policies.

Reservation of Rights:

We hold the right to demand that you terminate any connection with our Website pages, including but not limited to any pertinent link. You consent to remove all ties to our Website upon request swiftly.

Furthermore, changes to these terms and conditions and the associated policy may be made at our discretion. Should you continue to use this Website, you consent to abide by and adhere to the updated binding agreements.

Removal of links from our Website:

You are invited to caution us in case you notice negative content under any condition. We will consider your report. However, we can’t ascertain whether we will act on the request or respond directly to you.

We ascertain no accuracy of our posts, nor do we guarantee our Website will stay active or be up to date.


We disassociate ourselves from any and all liabilities or circumstances associated with this Website and its use to the full extent which is allowed by law. This disclaimer is not intended to:

  • restrict any legally binding rights;
  • reduce or eliminate the risk or chance of injury or harm to oneself;
  • diminish or abolish the chance of extortion or deception;
  • oppose any of our or your obligations that are not explicitly denounced by legal legislation;
  • limit any of our or your liabilities in a way that is not authorized by law.

This Section, as well as other portions of this disclaimer, serves to delineate the extent and limits of the risk indicated in this Section and throughout this disclaimer. Such stipulations:

  • Are contingent upon the aforesaid material; and
  • Imply acceptance of all liabilities engendered by the disclaimer, including those originating from contracts, misconducts, and violations of legal duties.

We shall not be held responsible for any accident or harm of any kind so long as our Website and its associated information and services are provided free of charge.

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