Model Classrooms

Nurturing Growth Through Model Classrooms in Chicago

Our Model Classrooms are structured to encourage students to work independently while providing learning opportunities personalized to their individual needs and interests. 

Personalized Learning Workstations

We have transformed large, traditional classrooms into workstations where a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) can work with each child individually. These workstations, numbering between four to six per classroom, are arranged to ensure that while children receive the individualized attention they need, they remain part of their peer group.

This setup allows children to participate in focused skill development without feeling separated from others, as they can see their peers working alongside them.

Model classroom in Chicago

Flexible Learning Environments

We’ve also strategically positioned workstations in common areas to create a climate where curiosity and exploration are encouraged. This open-concept approach encourages children to explore beyond a single space, giving them the liberty to move and learn in a way that feels natural and exciting to them.

Gym Space

An expansive gym area, designed to facilitate free play, motor skill development, and social interaction is available for your child to explore. This space offers children the opportunity to engage in physical activity and interactive play.

The classrooms at our clinic are thoughtfully designed to support each child’s path toward personal growth. Join us at the Illinois Autism Center, where our dedication to creating a supportive, engaging, and flexible learning environment is what sets us apart from others.

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