Social Skills Groups

Embracing Social Growth: Illinois Autism Center’s Social Skills Groups at a Convenient Chicago Location

Our clinic provides specialized social skills groups designed to support social skill development through targeted ABA strategies – promoting social interaction and meaningful connections. These structured groups address fundamental social skills such as turn-taking, sharing, initiating greetings, enhancing conversational skills, responding emotionally, and understanding others’ perspectives.

It’s within these welcoming, interactive environments where skills are taught through many activities, including games, social interactions, and applying skills within the community.

This hands-on approach ensures effective and fun learning, allowing children to practice these skills in multiple environments.

social skills group in Chicago IL

Targeted Skill Development

Our team of BCBAs design engaging activities focusing on specific social goals, such as turn-taking, sharing, greetings, conversation skills, and perspective-taking. We provide the support needed for success through personalized interventions for each child. Part of our goal with social skills groups is to give our students the ability to be better equipped to handle life’s social situations with confidence.

Applying Skills Outside the Classroom

Our Social Skills group RBTs will implement strategies to ensure that the skills acquired in our programs have real-world applications in an unpredictable world. Our program was developed to facilitate newly acquired skills in many aspects of daily life, from conversations with a store clerk to asking questions in unfamiliar settings in the community.

The Power of Peers

We believe in the transformative influence of peer interaction and modeling within our social skills groups. Children learn from one another in our inclusive, supportive environment, observing and modeling positive social behaviors. We help promote a sense of belonging, acceptance, and nurturing of lasting friendships along the way.

With the help of evidence-based strategies and individualized attention, your child will thrive in our kind and supportive social group settings.

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