Chicago and Illinois Autism Resources

At our ABA Therapy Clinic in Chicago, we understand the importance of providing our families with an all-encompassing support network. We are committed to providing guidance and support every step of the way. To aid your journey, we have gathered a variety of local and statewide resources in Illinois. These valuable resources cover everything from support groups and educational initiatives to legal assistance and advocacy groups.

Whether you are a parent seeking deeper insights, an individual living with Autism, or an educator requiring support, our hope is that you will find these resources helpful.

State Resources

Illinois Autism Partnership (Easterseals Serving Chicagoland and Greater Rockford); It offers an array of services, including training, coaching, and consultation to school districts and families to help children with Autism to function with the highest possible productivity and independence.

Autism Taskforce (Illinois Department of Human Services): Provides resources and support for parents of children with Autism, including assessment services, intervention, and consultation services.

The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP): A statewide network that connects parents and caregivers with resources improve the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

Local Educational Programs

Chicago Public Schools Autism Program: Provides services to meet the needs of students with autism spectrum disorder, including classroom-based programs and specialized instruction.

Easter Seals Academy (Easterseals Serving Chicagoland and Greater Rockford): A school dedicated to providing individualized educational, therapeutic, and vocational programs to children and young adults with autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities.

Have Dreams: A Chicago-area nonprofit serving individuals with autism spectrum disorder through after-school, workplace training, and adult day programs.

Illinois Center for Autism: This nonprofit agency provides education and training to individuals, families, and the community to help improve the quality of life for those on the autism spectrum.

Support Groups

Autism Speaks Upper Midwest: Offers support groups for families affected by Autism, as well as educational resources and community events to raise awareness about Autism.

Parents Allied with Children and Teachers for Tomorrow (PACTT): PACTT offers a variety of services, including residential, vocational, and educational programs, and it also has support groups for parents.

Chicago Autism Network: This network connects families, service providers, and community partners together to provide resources and support for individuals with Autism in the Chicago area.

Chicagoland Autism Connection: A Chicago-based organization providing resources, advocacy, and various programs for individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorder.

Legal Aid

Equip for Equality: An organization providing free legal services to people with disabilities, including those with Autism, to advocate for their rights and interests.

Legal Council for Health Justice: Provides free legal services to lower-income individuals with disabilities, including those affected by Autism.

Illinois Legal Aid Online: Provides free legal information and referrals to appropriate legal services, especially beneficial for parents with autistic children navigating special education and disability laws.

Advocacy Groups

Autism Society of Southern Illinois: An advocacy organization that promotes the general welfare of children and adults with Autism in Illinois.

Aspiritech: A nonprofit organization in Chicago that advocates for those with autism spectrum disorder by providing them with meaningful employment and social opportunities.

Autism Hero Project: A nonprofit organization that provides financial, educational, and emotional support to children and families living with Autism in the Illinois area.

Chicago Autism Project: An organization dedicated to supporting children and adults with Autism, advocating for their rights, and raising awareness of Autism in the Chicago area.

Local Recreation Programs

Special Recreation Association Network of Illinois: This network offers recreational activities, leisure services, and community outings for individuals with disabilities, including Autism, across Illinois.

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