Diversity Statement

Diversity Statement

Illinois Autism Center endeavors to craft and maintain an ambience of inclusion where personnel and persons from any background feel welcome and sustainably supported in achieving their objectives.

We understand and value the significance of incorporating multifarious backgrounds and perspectives when cultivating a more robust work atmosphere to assist our clients in achieving their objectives. Illinois Autism is firmly committed to affording everyone the respect they deserve, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or religion. We strive for diversity in the workplace through various initiatives, namely:

  • Advocates for the abolition of disparities and prejudice, particularly in underserved and disadvantaged populations, to ensure equitable access to essential services and support.
  • Championing Inclusivity at the Illinois Autism Center: To further our commitment to creating a workplace atmosphere and clientele that incorporates individuals from diverse backgrounds, bringing with them unique ideas and perspectives.
  • Representation is Imperative. We strive to depict concepts of diversity in our marketing messages by incorporating visuals that include individuals from all gender identities, ethnicities, shapes and sizes, ages, and those with disabilities. Videos provided incorporated closed captions to ensure everyone can understand the material. In doing so, we can foster an inclusive atmosphere that allows all staff members to thrive.

To steadfastly adhere to fostering an atmosphere of Inclusivity, IAC habitually peruses all its materials, such as promotional flyers, educational sessions and client documents, intending to sustain progress in this area. If any of these materials are found inadequate from a diversity standpoint, the company shall take prompt action within one month to keep on developing our culture.

Illinois Autism endeavors to conceive an atmosphere of Inclusivity so that all personnel might work together, practice what they know, and push themselves to reach the next level.

We strive to foster a sense of esteem for every team member and client, recognizing each person’s contributions and perspectives to our organization.

We are dedicated to safeguarding and bolstering our employees and patrons by cultivating a receptivity and inclusiveness climate. We advocate for our team members to participate in lauding the disparate perspectives that accompany each individual.

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