Family Training

Comprehensive Family Training Services at the Illinois Autism Center

Research supports the effectiveness of ABA family training in several key areas: reducing caregiver stress, improving family dynamics, and enhancing child therapy outcomes. Additionally, many insurance providers require family training as a core component of an ABA therapy plan, highlighting its role in achieving comprehensive care.

Our clinic emphasizes a collaborative relationship to boost therapy outcomes and support parents. Parents can provide unique insights into their child’s behavior by seeing and managing morning routines, mid-day challenges, and bedtime routines.

The importance of family training lies in ensuring consistency in strategies and practices, equipping families with the necessary knowledge and skills to support their child’s development. Our clinical team meets with families weekly to review progress and facilitate the generalization of skills learned in clinical settings to the home and beyond.

These sessions teach protocols and strategies that fit each family’s daily life, reinforcing a supportive environment for children and their families.

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Supporting Families in Chicago

We begin by understanding your family’s dynamics, roles, values, and resources within each household to support your child’s progress. Our goals aim to develop adaptable strategies that respect and accommodate each family’s unique circumstances.

We provide comprehensive education and support, incorporating both theoretical knowledge and practical skill-building, empowering caregivers with effective strategies.

Regular monitoring and adapting our strategies are integral to our approach, as is celebrating progress at every step. This strategy highlights our commitment to enhancing the well-being of the entire family unit.

Incorporating weekly meetings with families, our clinical team works closely to generalize skills across settings and teach protocols, ensuring consistency and integration of ABA principles into daily life. This process supports parents in becoming confident advocates for their children.

Establishing a Community

We enthusiastically emphasize the importance of transparent communication and collaborative engagement among families to create a supportive community. Our family training services offer a place for open dialogue, where family members are encouraged to voice their needs and goals. These sessions are facilitated by our BCBAs, who guide discussions to nurture understanding and strengthen bonds.

Our training services extend beyond individual family dynamics and extends learning opportunities to the whole community. Special open-house training sessions will be accessible to individual families as well as school teachers, daycare employees, and other members of your child’s development team to help teach and train community members on how to best support your child’s growth.

If you are searching for a center that values your child’s and your family’s wellness, the Illinois Autism Center stands ready to provide steadfast support and direction. Let’s journey together toward growth, understanding, and boundless potential.


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