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Illinois Autism Center: In-Clinic ABA Services in Chicago

At our clinic, the focus is on fostering growth and development through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), with an environment that promotes consistency and provides both one-on-one and group settings for practicing a wide range of skills. This approach allows every child to develop at their own pace, enhancing key areas such as collaboration, social engagement, compliance, and autonomy.

Our dedicated team at the Illinois Autism Center is committed to supporting children in strengthening these skills, thereby boosting their ability to thrive in various settings, including traditional educational environments.

Visiting the Illinois Autism Center can be beneficial because it provides a structured environment for a child to receive intensive ABA treatment, including time for one-on-one instruction, small-group work, and free play – a place to relax and concentrate on growth.


ABA therapy in a clinical setting

In-clinic sessions provide a more structured environment, which enables our clients to become comfortable with routines, activities, and social skills that are difficult to practice at home”.

After your child has mastered skills in a clinic setting, they will be better equipped to engaging in these skills at home or in the wider community.

Your child’s team of therapists will develop an entirely unique strategy for your child that eliminates potential roadblocks to improvement, incorporates long-lasting motivation, and replaces tedious tasks with more engaging ones. Your child will have opportunities to make friends in a secure setting with the help of certified RBTs.

Building Academic and Social Skills

If a child is starting school for the first time or is returning to school after a lengthy absence, our clinic can serve as a practice classroom where they can get acclimated to the routine of a regular classroom. Clinic-based therapy is advantageous because it enables individuals to participate in group activities, retain academic habits, and focus on tasks, even with distracting background noises.

Therapeutic interventions grounded in applied behavior analysis (ABA) are effective with children of all ages in various clinical settings. Please contact IAC if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of our center-based therapy for your child.


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