About Us

Illinois Autism Center: Who We Are

Illinois Autism Center is a unique Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy center conveniently located in Chicago. We offer our clients and their families the highest standards of care in a fun and safe environment. Our mission is to provide high-quality ethical services to help promote autonomy, independence, and future success for our clients.

Our Philosophy

Playful Child-centered Approach

We utilize toys and activities selected and preferred by the child. The clinic is set up to emphasize a positive experience, offering private rooms and a large open gym.

Increased Supervision

We provide additional supervision hours and training to our RBTs and BCBAs to ensure high-quality service delivery and safety for all participants.

Assent-based Approach

Children are not forced to work at a table for extended periods of time and are always given the opportunity to advocate for themselves, verbally or non-verbally.

Learning Apps

We incorporate technology to help children continue to learn outside of therapy sessions, using the same playful and fun apps at school and at home.

ABA Services in a Clinical Setting

Our team is not just a group of dedicated specialists; they are compassionate guides, mentors, and friends who are unwavering in their commitment to making each child and family feel a profound sense of belonging. We take extraordinary pride in our team’s satisfaction and low turnover rate. Unlike many other institutions in our industry, we place immense value on the well-being of our team, creating a stable, consistent environment that benefits the children we serve.

A happy staff translates to a comfortable, productive learning environment. Each member of our team is steadfast in pursuing our core mission: to make every child and every family feel welcomed, appreciated, and an essential component of our extended clinic family.

We take the time to learn about each child’s particular requirements, and we approach every family with an open mind and an empathetic heart. We believe that we can create a nurturing atmosphere that promotes growth and learning by forging genuine relationships. Here, amidst our supportive environment and caring team, every interaction is meaningful, every achievement is celebrated, and every day presents new opportunities for growth.

Situated in the vibrant core of Chicago, our clinic is more than a location – it is a dynamic, supportive community. We invite you to discover what truly sets us apart – a personalized approach to autism treatment where every child is cherished, and every family is embraced.

With Mr. Ramakrishnan’s leadership and our team’s individualized programs, we work together to unlock your child’s potential, resonating with their distinct strengths, passions, and growth trajectories. Our community is close-knit, where children and their parents find a comforting embrace, fostering trust, warmth, and inclusivity. The longevity of our staff’s commitment is a testament to our dedication to consistency and quality in care.

Every day presents a fresh opportunity for growth and progress. We are not just offering therapy; we are building futures, one child at a time.


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