Neurodiverse family in Chicago, IL
Accessible Chicago: autism-friendly family fun for neurodiverse families

Numerous children on the autism spectrum struggle with sensory processing difficulties and oftentimes find family outings to be distressing. During these excursions, neurodiverse families often rely on predictability and routine to maintain a sense of calm. Venturing your child into new urban environments can be particularly challenging.

The good news is that Chicago, a vibrant and bustling city, goes above and beyond to cater to families with autism. Below, we have compiled a list of highly recommended institutions,  arenas, stadiums, and businesses that prioritize inclusion and offer accommodations to ensure an enjoyable experience for neurodiverse families.

Museum of Illusions

The first recommended place is the Museums of Illusions, which offers a wide range of exciting activities. According to the reviews, visitors are highly impressed by the giant fidget toy installed at the museum. The exhibits such as the Tilted Room and Vortex Tunnel provide great sensory stimulation for visual learners and those who enjoy big movements.

The staff members are not only knowledgeable in neurodivergence but also skilled in technology, as they patiently and proactively assist visitors with taking selfies, guiding them through the museum at their own pace.

Brooklyn Boulders

The second recommended place is the Brooklyn Boulders, a dynamic and welcoming rock climbing gym located in the West Loop. They have a strong focus on building a diverse community, welcoming individuals from all walks of life. As reported by many satisfied customers, one of their most inclusive initiatives is hosting Adaptive Climbing Youth sessions every month on Saturdays for children with disabilities. The next session will take place on April 20th.

United Center

The United Center is an ideal destination for families with special needs. Recently, the stadium has been certified as a sensory-inclusive venue, much to the delight of parents. This recognition ensures that individuals with disabilities can fully enjoy their time at the arena. Visitors can access a sensory room located at Gate 2 ½ – a peaceful and therapeutic space specifically designed for those with disabilities.

Chicago Children’s Theater

The Chicago Children’s Theatre is known for its efforts in promoting inclusivity and accessibility. They have introduced a program called The Red Kite Project specifically tailored for children with autism. This initiative aims to ensure that going to the theater is an experience for everyone, regardless of their capabilities.

Additionally, they host Access Weekends, where families can enjoy adapted performances with adjustments in lighting, sound, and volume. The upcoming show this weekend A Year with Frog & Toad is one event.

Autism treatment and support

As various organizations unite to enhance comprehension and support for individuals with Autism, we at Illinois Autism Center are committed to conducting research to improve the lives of those affected by Autism.

We strongly believe that through interventions, people with Autism can reach their potential and enjoy meaningful lives. Our goal is to offer quality treatment assistance and tools to impacted families.