Autistic boy in Illinois
“Achieving My Best Life”: Helping Those Facing Autism, Other Cognitive Challenges

The rates of individuals impacted by Autism are on the rise with each passing year, and children are at the forefront of this growing epidemic. An issue that is growing concern is the stark contrast in access to essential treatment services for Autistic individuals living in rural areas.

These children may face even greater challenges when it comes to receiving necessary therapy due to factors such as geographical distance and a lack of trained professionals in their area, & most often; they are left without the proper care.

Also, a child impacted by Autism requires specialized tools in school to cope with daily tasks such as communication and managing sensory challenges, and this often puts a financial strain on their families.

Accommodation for Children with Autism

The government mandates accommodation for all special needs children in public schools. However, these services are often inadequate. For example, a non-verbal Autistic child may need a speech therapist in school to be able to meet his or her academic goal, but schools may not be in a position to cater for this.

Paul Konrad, the well-known news anchor from WGN, is hosting a charity event aimed to raise funds for “Achieving My Best Life,” a non-profit organization that offers assistance to individuals with autism and other cognitive disabilities.

Moreover, it’s an honor for Chef Mychael Bonner to join forces with Paul and share all the exciting details of what attendees can expect at this event. Such events don’t only help in raising funds, but also creating awareness for individuals with Autism.

Benefit of awareness

The more people are made aware & educated about the condition, the more they can understand and support those affected by it. Additionally, events like these bring communities together and promote a sense of compassion, thus breaking stigmatization towards individuals with disabilities.

What to expect

A  preview of what to expect at this event is a wide selection of mouth-watering dishes crafted by the talented Chef Bonner himself. Among these delicious meals is his signature Spice Roasted Salmon with Glazed Sweet Potato, Mixed Greens, and Pickled Lemon Vinaigrette. Guests can be sure to have a lasting impression. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 9th from 7 – 10 pm at the beautiful Morgan Arts Complex located at 3622 S. Morgan Street. Make sure to reserve your tickets on Eventbrite before they sell out.

Illinois Autism Center

Advocating for the rights of Autistic children is crucial. This is why we at IAC stand for advocacy, support, and effective treatment for children with autism.

Our goal is to deliver evidence-based treatment as we support children with autism, including their families. Every effort will make a difference in the lives of those impacted by Autism.