ASD conferences in Chicago IL
Autism conference events in Chicago in 2024

It’s another level of support and resources for parents with autistic children when they attend autism conferences. These gatherings can always serve resourcefully, especially in expanding understanding of autism & gaining deeper insight into their child’s needs and staying updated with the most recent research developments and treatment options.

Below, we have listed some Autism conference events that parents can attend.

1st Annual Science Alliance Autism Symposium

The Illinois Institute of Technology is hosting a groundbreaking event on April 1st, 2024 in collaboration with the Science Alliance and the International Society for Autism. This symposium will allow experts in the field to share cutting-edge innovative treatment methods for Autism. Parents, medics and families are all invited. Topics to be covered include early infant mental health to adulthood and address comorbidities that commonly affect those with autism. Venue: Illinois Institute of Technology Date: April 1st, 2024 Time: 9 a.m. Register here: link

Autism Brunch Day at Stay and Play

Unique Sweets is hosting a social event for Autistic teens and adults; The Brunch and Play event aims to create a platform for individuals with Autism to expand their social circle while having fun playing games and enjoying delicious food. Participants will also be introduced to other opportunities such as cooking classes offered by Unique Sweets. The registration is $10 & includes drinks, appetizers, and game fees. Parents and family are welcome to attend but will not be included in the games. Registering for the event gives consent for pictures to be taken and used on Unique Sweets’ website or social media. The event will take place at Stay and Play Game Cafe in Chicago on April 7th at 12:00 PM. Register through this link.

Sensory Friendly Friday

The Vintage Taxidermy & Insect Museum offers quiet hours, no flashing lights, and a gentle atmosphere with an all-autistic staff providing tours of the exhibits. The museum welcomes individuals with sensory sensitivities and offers accommodations such as limited guests, touch-friendly items, and the promotion code SENSORYKIDS for discounted children’s tickets. Visitors can notify them of their arrival by calling ahead if not previously arranged. The Insect Asylum is located at 2870 N Milwaukee Ave in Chicago and is open on Fridays starting from March. Register here.

See the World a Different Way

This event is a virtual race held in April 2024 to create awareness for Autism. The event aims to celebrate seeing the world in a different way and has raised over $892,045 for charities through previous races. How  it goes? As the name suggests, it’s a virtual race where you choose how to run, when and where. You can complete  a marathon of your choice.

It could be at the gym or on the road with your colleagues. The medal will be shipped directly to you. Date: April 16 at 7:00 PM (EST) – Springfield, Illinois. Participate in this event and make a difference. Register here.

As more people become aware of Autism, consider the benefits of early intervention and treatment for your child. Early interventions has been empirically proven to significantly improve the lives of young children diagnosed with Autism.

We at Illinois Autism Center are dedicated to providing the best early intervention services for children diagnosed with Autism.