autism-friendly in Chicago
Autism Friendly Parks in Chicago

We, at Illinois Autism Center, understand the significance of surpassing mere awareness and striving towards true acceptance and inclusion for individuals with autism. That is why we want to highlight a few local destinations and attractions that go above and beyond in providing equal access to those with sensory processing challenges, such as children diagnosed with autism.

Here are top autism friendly parks in Chicago.

Northerly Island Park

This park is an expansive and tranquil oasis, providing a peaceful getaway from city living. This is quite important when considering sensory needs of children diagnosed with Autism. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll through nature & encounter a diverse array of birds and animals. Additionally, there are over 150 different types of plants to discover in this park. The park also features a five-acre pond and a savanna with 20,000 trees and shrubs. Fishing is available here as well, but visitors should remember to bring a flashlight if planning to stay after dark. Northern Island Park generally offers a perfect blend of nature and relaxation. Location is: 521 S Linn White Dr, Chicago.

Discovery Park

We are fortunate to have Discovery Playground in western suburbs of Chicago, which features a variety of inclusive play equipment such as soft music, zip lines, wipes ramps, disc swing and wheelchair accessible spinner. This playground allows children to play freely and independently while promoting a sense of safety within the community. It’s the collaborative effort of the community that brought up this park.  Location wise, the park within Lisle Community Park at 1825 Short Street, in Lisle, Illinois.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Another great autism friendly park is the Lincoln Park Zoo, where visitors with disabilities can have an interactive and educational experience. It’s a quiet space to relax while also learning about animals. The zoo also offers Autism accommodation by providing sensory-friendly bag.  Location: Chicago, IL 60614.

Humboldt Park

Another autism friendly park in Chicago is the Humboldt Park. This park oozes relaxation and fun, it has a lagoon with an inland beach which shouts family day out. Even if swimming is not your child’s strong suit, the park offers alternatives such as nature areas, community gardens and even a replica of Wrigley Field called “Little Cubs Field.” Location: 1400 North Sacramento Avenue in West Town, on the West Side of Chicago.

These are just a few examples of autism-friendly parks in Chicago. We hope that this information will help families and individuals with sensory processing challenges enjoy time outdoors while feeling welcomed and accommodated.

We at Illinois Autism Center believe that raising awareness and advocating for inclusivity is key to creating a more accepting and supportive community. For quality Autism Therapeutic Services, please visit our website for more information.