Medical marijuana approved for Autism in Connecticut
Connecticut Approves Autism as Medical Cannabis Qualifying Conditions

As more research is ongoing regarding the benefits of medical marijuana or, rather, CBD, for a long time, people with Autism Spectrum Disorder were not included in the list of approved conditions for receiving medical marijuana. For those who may not be familiar with what medical marijuana is, its chemical compounds (cannabis) for treating various health conditions.

Approved for medical marijuana

A few conditions that have already been approved for medical marijuana use include cancer, severe pain, and multiple sclerosis. Ever since 2021, the state’s Medical Marijuana Program Board of Physicians has expanded its list, adding various disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, thus providing better access and improving the quality of life for individuals who previously had limited treatment options.

This step has been appreciated by some professionals in the medical field, like Cheyenne Giarnese, a nurse practitioner who believes that this move will greatly benefit those who have been struggling with their condition. Cheynne Giarnese is not only a nurse practitioner who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 20.

According to Cheyenne, for a long time, she has been relying on different medications to manage her symptoms. However, due to insurance coverage and the severe side effects of these medications, she had a hard time finding the right treatment. It wasn’t until she was able to switch to a CBD and THC tincture that she found relief from her symptoms.

Medical Marijuana Program

Currently, Cheynne is part of the over 40,000 medical marijuana patients registered with the Medical Marijuana Program in Connecticut. She is one of many individuals who have found relief and improved quality of life through this alternative treatment. In addition to patients like Cheynne, there are also over 1,800 certifying physicians registered with the program who can provide guidance and recommendations for medical marijuana use.

This number includes Dr. Suzanne Mulvehill from the Female Orgasm Research Institute, who has gone before the board to advocate for women impacted by certain disorders that may benefit from medical marijuana use.

According to Suzzane, Autism can have a cross-directional relationship with mental and physical health. It has been linked to conditions such as anxiety and depression. This is why she strongly believes that the inclusion of Autism in the medical marijuana program will be life-changing for women and hopes it will remove the stigma surrounding this disorder.

Illinois Autism

With the increasing recognition and acceptance of Autism, Illinois Autism Center has taken a proactive role in creating Autism awareness and providing top-notch therapeutic services. We also strive to educate society on the latest advancements in Autism research.

Our dedication extends beyond just raising awareness, as we are devoted to providing quality ABA treatment for individuals with Autism in Chicago and their families.