Autistic entrepreneur in Chicago
Entrepreneur with autism expands pretzel business to many sites across Central Maryland

It’s Autism Acceptance Month, and nothing better exemplifies the infinite potential of individuals with autism than Marcus Moore’s business (Selling Delicious Pretzel). Moore, who is on the spectrum, has his business shining success at Fishpaws Marketplace in Arnold, where his brand graces the shelves with pride and joy.

He expresses his amazement at the opportunity to have his product sold in such a reputable store as Fishpaws.

Moore Journey

When Moore turned 30, he was diagnosed with Autism, and he decided to start his business to work on development and gain independence. Ever since its founding in 2023, the business has seen progress, moving from making batches in a big bowl to producing goods in a fully equipped kitchen. Moore has also expanded his product line to include a new flavor – sour cream and onion – and has gained a substantial increase in customers.

Where to purchase Moore’s Delicious Pretzel

When it comes to where to purchase Moore’s delicious pretzels, Fishpaws isn’t the only option. Other well-known retailers such as Eddies of Roland Park, Geresbeck’s Food Market, Graul’s Market and Green Valley Marketplace also carry his product line. You can also find Moore Crunch pretzels at esteemed establishments such as The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sinai Hospital, the National Aquarium and Camden Yards.

This widespread availability not only shows the popularity of his product but also provides convenience for customers to easily access Moore’s delicious snacks in various locations.

In fact, Moore is so grateful that he has embarked on a “Crunch Crew Tour” during the month of April. This tour includes going to places where he sells his pretzels to reach out to customers and connect with them. The upcoming destination on this thrilling adventure is the Spring on the Green Festival taking place this Saturday from 10 in the morning until 4, in the afternoon.

Inspiration to the Autism Community

Moore’s resolute determination to inspire and empower individuals with autism remains unwavering & he hopes to continue spreading inspiration to others through his growing business.

He firmly believes that one should never allow anyone’s doubts or limitations to hinder one’s dreams and aspirations. “There is always a way,” Moore confidently asserts as he strives to expand his commercial kitchen and provide employment opportunities for more people.

In addition to Moores’s inspiring achievement, we at the Illinois Autism Center are devoted to supporting and delivering care for kids with ASD. Our group of experts is determined to establish a welcoming setting where people with disabilities can enjoy access to services and opportunities like everyone else.

We understand the significance of providing chances for everyone and strive to encourage understanding and admiration for individuals with ASD in our community.