autistic Bulls player
Ex-Chicago Bulls guard Tony Snell desperately seeks NBA return by FRIDAY to provide for his two autistic sons

NBA player Tony Snell is among the highly skilled swingmen in the G League’s Maine Celtics team. Despite being 32 years old, Snell has a strong desire to return to the NBA and is working hard towards it. However, it’s not just about earning another million-dollar contract for him. Instead, Snell wants to be included in an active roster of an NBA team so that he can complete 10 seasons and become eligible for the union’s top-notch medical plan.

Snell’s two sons have been diagnosed with autism

Specifically, Snell’s two sons have been diagnosed with autism, and he wants to secure the best medical plan available so that his wife Ashley and their two sons, Karter (3 years old) and Kenzo (2 years old), can receive proper care. In an interview with Yahoo! Sports, Snell shared,

“It’s something I truly need. Not only for myself, but for my wife and my kids.”

It also came to Snell’s attention that he, too, could be Autistic since his two sons were diagnosed with the condition. He  expressed “I  thought to myself, if Karter and Kenzo have autism, then it’s possible that I am also on the autism spectrum.” He took the courage to get himself checked up and the results showed that he is indeed on the spectrum.

Snell early life

Snell also shared that his early life was characterized by a lone and independent personality that very few people could relate to. He was unable to form deep connections with others, but he didn’t know the reason behind it. Till the age of 31, he remained undiagnosed. After his recent Autism diagnosis, everything finally made sense to him. He was relieved to know that there was a reason behind his differences, and he could now understand himself better.

For those who do not know, he is a skilled basketball player standing at 6 foot 7. He has showed his abilities throughout his career in the NBA, spanning over nine seasons. His time in the league has been lucrative, with earnings exceeding $50 million. However, Snell’s priorities extend beyond just monetary wealth. Being a loving father, he wants to ensure that his children have access to the best medical care.

Developmental issues

His sons’ Autism diagnosis was an unexpected one, according to Snell. This was revealed during the 2020-21 season when he was a player for the Atlanta Hawks. The nanny working for the Snells at that time brought it to their attention that Karter was displaying developmental issues. At just 18 months old, his vocabulary only consisted of simple words like ‘dad’ or ‘dada.’ According to Snell, Karter would become agitated and throw a tantrum if anyone took away one of his many toys he always needed to have in his hands.

But nowadays, witnessing the steps taken by Karter to reach a diagnosis has given him a sense of calmness. He cannot help but feel proud as he shares that Karter’s progress has significantly increased – he can now successfully count up to twenty and effortlessly identify shapes and colors with precision.

Autism Treatment option

There are many families and individuals who face similar challenges when it comes to Autism. That’s why we at Illinois Autism Center (NAC) play a vital role in providing education and treatment options to those in need.