TikTok for autistic kids in Chicago
How TikTok helped me become closer to my brother with autism

Autism awareness is an integral part of an inclusive society, as it helps promote understanding towards individuals with autism in offices, school and even social events.

This is why two siblings Brittany  & Ryan embarked on a mission to raise Autism awareness by carrying out interviews and posting them on social media (tiktik) so that others may gain a better understanding.  

How it started

This brilliant initiative was not something they had planned, but rather came about by accident when Brittany posted a photo of Ryan’s reaction towards her face mask. Little did she know that this would go viral and lead to them educating others via social media.

Ryan, 28, being on the autism spectrum himself, brings a unique and personal perspective to their interviews. The interviewer is Britany, 25, who is able to eloquently ask questions and explain autism in a relatable manner.

Although there are times when Britanny recieves hurtful questions, she tries to shield Ryan from them as much as possible. Some people may ask what’s “wrong” with Ryan, but Britanny’s immediate response is that there is nothing wrong with him. Britanny has learned to be mindful of how she speaks and interacts with Ryan, understanding that he may process things differently than others.

The challenge

An issue that Britanny faces is the tendency for people to think that Autistic individuals need to be spoken to like babies. She says most people are critical of her tone when she’s explaining something in an upbeat manner. However, Britanny has found that speaking to Ryan like she would anyone else is the most effective and respectful way to communicate with him.

In fact, they have fun together and share many activities, including trying viral dances, discussing sports trivia, and attending social events. Through these experiences, Ryan is able to showcase his personality in a way that facts about autism cannot portray.

When Britanny first started her TikTok account, she did not realize that it would become a way for them to bond and develop a strong connection. Growing up, Britanny struggled to connect with Ryan due to their differing interests. While Ryan loves sports and has an extensive knowledge about it, Britanny felt out of place as she knew very little on the topic.

This made her feel like a bad sister at times, as she couldn’t relate to Ryan’s passion. However, through their shared love for viral dances and other activities, Britanny and Ryan were able to find common ground and strengthen their relationship.

Autism Awareness

Autism awareness is vital to creating an inclusive society and we want to commend Britanny and Ryan for their incredible efforts in raising awareness through their talks. We at the Illinois Autism Center also strive to promote Autism awareness and quality treatment options for families whose loved ones need adjustment.

Our center offers a range of therapeutic services to help ASD children reach their full potential.