Autism awareness in Chicago IL
IceHogs 13th Annual Autism Awareness Night Returns Jan. 20

Awareness through works of care and charity helps eradicate misconceptions surrounding this Autism, & also helps raise funds that later could be used for the development of better treatment methods and facilities.

Oftentimes, children living in rural areas can’t even receive the necessary therapy due to financial constraints & lack of resources. Perhaps the parents have tried their best but still could not meet treatment costs.

This is why Autism Awareness is special for the continued support of children in need.

13th annual Autism Awareness Night

On this special awareness day ( 13th annual Autism Awareness Night), the IceHogs will be  donning their special “Blackout” jerseys but with a twist – the neon version of their primary logo will be featured on an all-black jersey adorned with an emblem representing Autism Awareness.

Fans can support the cause by participating in the Auction bidding on these jerseys through the team’s DASH platform. It’s an auction with a unique twist, as the winning bidders will receive their jersey directly from the player’s back immediately after the game.

A limited quantity of game jerseys will be offered in the jersey raffle during the event, and a second online auction running from January 22-26. An admirable 50% of the proceeds from both auctions will go directly towards supporting The Autism Program (TAP) at Easterseals, which serves individuals with autism in the Chicagoland and Greater Rockford regions.

Other ways to support the fundraising

Another way in which supporters can show their support is by purchasing a Premium Raffle Ticket. Those who accomplish this will have the chance to win one of ten exclusive prizes. These Premium Raffle tickets are priced at $75 each, and only 100 tickets will be available for purchase. Sales will begin on January 11th through the DASH platform.

Every purchaser is guaranteed to receive a Mystery Puck signed by an IceHogs player, as well as additional prizes. In addition, ten fortunate winners will also be awarded with a premium prize, which includes highly sought-after items such as a PlayStation 5 and tickets to Chicago Cubs games at the prestigious Catalina Club (kindly provided by Bucciferro Family McDonald’s).

Other top prizes include exclusive game-day experiences for both the Chicago Blackhawks and Rockford IceHogs, autographed jerseys from these teams, tickets to WWE events, and more.

Easterseals Serving Chicagoland and Greater Rockford (ECR)

All funds raised will be donated to Easterseals serving Chicagoland and Greater Rockford to support The Autism Program (TAP) at Easterseals, a worthy cause that the IceHogs have been proud to support for over 12 years. It’s not the first time, but over the course of 80 years, Easterseals Serving Chicagoland and Greater Rockford (ECR), an independent affiliate of Easterseals, have devoted to two main areas: Early Learning and Disability. These pillars are often intertwined and through their work, this non-profit is able to positively impact the lives of young learners.

Support for Autistic children across the state

It’s inspiring to witness the growing support for Autistic children across the state. At Illinois Autism Center, we also believe in the power of awareness in improving the lives of those with autism.