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Love on the Spectrum’ Is Showing Me Examples of How My Autistic Son Could Be as an Adult — and It’s Amazing

Most Parents whose loved ones have had Autism can relate to the Jessicas’ story. On a cloudy Thursday afternoon, Jessica and her husband were at the Doctor’s office, eagerly waiting to meet with their child’s Doctor.

The anxiety was palpable as they awaited the results of Noah’s (2 years old) observation, which had taken place earlier that day. To the Jessicas the results would either be a sigh of relief or a cause for concern.

The Results

The nurse walked in, and there it was, the confirmation they had been dreading, “Noah has Autism.”

As Jessica puts it, she couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of the nurse’s mouth. She had much hope and big dreams for Noah, and she had not realized the extent of it until hearing this news – that the future she pictured for him may look different.

The couple was told what could possibly happen in the next few years, both good and bad. They walked to their car and made sure Noah was safely buckled. Jessica recalls that they couldn’t contain their emotions; they cried.

Noah’s Future

A week later when Jessica’s daughter, who was six at the time, started to complain of a toothache. In response, they made an appointment for her with the dentist. But on the day of the appointment, their regular dentist was not available. Rather, a stranger whom they had never met before, a substitute, was filling in for her.

After the filling was done, they shared with the receptionist, who was just sitting behind the counter, about their daughter’s Autism diagnosis and concerns regarding finding her the proper treatments. To which, she suggested they speak to their primary dentist when she returned. But it seems the substitute dentist had overheard their conversation. The next thing they knew, the substitute dentist appeared from behind the door in the waiting room where they stood. “Excuse me, Can I talk to you two for a minute?” He politely asked.

Not knowing what to expect, the couple reluctantly followed him outside the office. There, he began to tell them something that they never expected – “I just want you to know that your son will be alright.” He said in a calm and reassuring manner. The dentist then went on to share his personal story with them.

“I have autism,” he revealed, “I didn’t speak until I was five years old, but here I am happily married with a daughter. I’m also a successful dentist.”

Illinois Autism Center

An Autism diagnosis may seem like a problem especially during the first diagnosis, but with the right support, we believe there is no limit to what an individual can achieve.

We at IAC have a dedicated team of professionals providing specialized care to help Autistic children unlock their full potential. Get in touch with us.