Pucks for autism event in Chicago
Pucks for Autism’ hockey tournament hits the ice this weekend

Pucks for Autism Hockey Tournament, now in its ninth year, is doing a remarkable job of increasing public autism awareness and fundraising for families to create supportive environments for individuals…

Autism-friendly 4th of July
How to have an autism-friendly Fourth of July

4th of July is a holiday which commemorates the American Independence Day. Commonly celebrated with barbecues and captivating fireworks displays, the day carries a spirit of exuberance and revelry. Nonetheless,…

Autistic girl in Chicago with a pet
How to handle Fourth of July fireworks for pets, those with autism, according to experts

Independence Day is around the corner, and one thing to expect is a sky lit up with dazzling fireworks displays throughout the Chicago region. However, these vibrant explosions can have…