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Striking A Chord: How a music therapy program reunited two long-lost friends

People may have many fond memories. For others, it is their childhood, and for some, it is memories of their friends. The last one applies to a duo that met in school. Joann and Anthony were students at the prestigious Elwyn School during the early 1990s. They shared a special bond that extended beyond just being classmates, as they also dated for a period of time.

They even attended prom together in 1994. However, like many high school relationships, theirs eventually ended due to natural circumstances.

The two went separate ways and lost touch with each other.  But fate had almost the same plans for these two.  Years later, both Joann and Anthony received the diagnosis of having intellectual disabilities. This may have been a difficult realization for each of them.

For people who may not know, Intellectual disabilities are conditions related to brain development that result in challenges with thinking abilities and everyday skills.

For instance, it might show up as struggles with solving problems, reading comprehension, or social interactions.

Distinguishing between this disability and Autism spectrum disorder has been tricky and explains why it took doctors years to accurately differentiate between the two. Both conditions impact abilities but differ in the symptoms they present; Autism spectrum disorder is marked by difficulties in social communication and interaction.

Fate brought them back together in an unexpected way.

It all happened one day when Joann’s sister was perusing a newsletter published by MusicWorks. (Music work was a music therapy program that had been running for the longest time. And by some coincidence, Joann’s sister was a member of this particular group). She stumbled upon an article featuring Anthony and his musical talents, which were being nurtured through the MusicWorks program.

Both sisters recognized Anthony.

Instantly, both sisters recognized Anthony as a familiar face from their own music therapy sessions. Little did they know that they had been attending the same program for years without ever realizing it. This serendipitous encounter brought them together once again and sparked a newfound connection between them.

As the Executive Director of MusicWorks, Lori O’Leary notes with a sense of destiny, it is truly remarkable that these two clients have been brought back together through their shared love for music. Their bond as friends has stood the test of time and to be reunited after all these years is truly special.

Autism Therapy in Chicago

Therapeutic music sessions can unite individuals, irrespective of their backgrounds or situations. This is particularly significant for people with autism, who may find interactions challenging. As an additional layer of support, Nevada Autism is committed to helping those affected by autism by providing information, advocacy, resources, and guidance to support families.

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