aba therapy controversy
The Controversy Around ABA Therapy Finally Addressed

Therapeutic research has for a long time tested which intervention methods are most effective for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We know there are several treatment methods in the list including CBT, but Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been shown to be most promising.

Studies have shown that ABA therapy has proven effective, with a success rate exceeding 89%, in aiding children with ASD to attain lasting results. These include enhancements in interactions, communication abilities and even a rise in IQ levels.

Again, it’s revealed that the earlier a child receives intervention using ABA therapy before the age of four for children diagnosed with ASD – it can significantly boost their chances of making strides and advancements in their growth.

The challenge

The challenge is not whether ABA is effective but rather with the consensus from some advocates. Some have cited concerns regarding the approach, claiming that ABA is abrasive in nature. In other words, they are against utilizing reinforcement techniques, saying these could potentially cause emotional harm to the child.

A new perspective

A new Franchise has emerged in the United States, with the goal of providing a different perspective on ABA autism treatment. It’s caled SOS – Success On The Spectrum.

Success On The Spectrum (SOS) is founded by an autism mother, bringing a unique understanding and personal experience to the table. At the core of SOS’s approach is a commitment to caring for individuals with autism through trauma-informed methods. SOS takes into account not only the behavioral needs but also the emotional needs of those with autism through play-based techniques.

Hands-on teaching style

Nichole Daher, the founder of SOS, shares that their team has re-invented ABA therapy by utilizing a more gentle and hands-on teaching style. This approach avoids forcing children to engage in activities they are not interested in.

Instead, SOS focuses on natural environment training and incorporates field trips to help children become more comfortable in public settings.

Besides enriching learning experiences, SOS also provides a supportive community for families with autistic individuals. This sense of understanding and empathy comes from over 50% of their franchise owners being autism parents or siblings themselves. Their personal investment in the cause further solidifies their dedication to supporting Autistic children.

A holistic approach

At Illinois Autism Center, we recognize the importance of a holistic approach to treating autism. This not only includes addressing behavioral needs but also emotional well-being and social development. That’s why we are proud to support organizations like SOS that prioritize the overall well-being of individuals with autism and their families.

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