Virtual autism clinic ‘As You Are’ now available in Illinois, Indiana

The latest data from the CDC reveals that out of every 36 children, one is diagnosed with autism, resulting in a substantial prevalence of this condition among the younger age group. Consequently, there has been an upsurge in the need for autism evaluations throughout the nation. According to reports, parents and guardians may wait up to two years for their child’s evaluation.

This means that children may possibly miss the opportunity to receive early interventions and support, which can significantly have an effect on their long-term growth.

“As You Are” organization

In order to tackle this problem, the state of Illinois has recently inaugurated a specialized clinic with the objective of decreasing the waiting period for autism assessments. Kayla Wagner, the representative of “As You Are” organization, made an appearance on ABC  7 Eyewitness News to bring attention to this initiative and elaborate on the organization’s mission.  She first revealed that 10% of all children in the United States require an autism evaluation, highlighting the urgency and importance of timely access to such services. The service provided by the organization includes a team of physicians who specialize in guiding families on their autism journey.

These professionals assist in identifying whether certain behaviors can be attributed to autism or other possible diagnoses. However, As You Are’s mission goes beyond just evaluation – it provides parents with essential knowledge and resources to help their children thrive.

The Treatment Process

Through their process, which includes three telehealth appointments, including a clinical interview, standardized behavioral observation, and results discussion, families can better understand their child’s needs and the best course of action for their development. In some scenarios, wherein autism may not be the optimal diagnosis for a child, alternative diagnoses such as expressive speech delay, receptive speech delay, sensory processing disorder, generalized anxiety, and global developmental delay might be assigned.

The ultimate objective is to assist families in comprehending their child’s symptoms and identifying the most beneficial course of action for their child’s welfare. With no requirement of referrals, the organization strives to make this process easily accessible for all families in need.

Autism early intervention

It’s a great importance to have organizations come out to show support and advocate for individuals with autism. This greatly helps ASD children and adults have hopes of achieving a sense of a full and well-rounded life. Here at Illinois Autism, we are strong in our belief that early intervention also plays a crucial role in helping children diagnosed with Autism reach their full potential, both academically and socially.

We offer exceptional therapeutic services such as Behavioral Analysis and speech therapy for children who face challenges in communication.