Pucks for autism event in Chicago
Pucks for Autism’ hockey tournament hits the ice this weekend

Pucks for Autism Hockey Tournament, now in its ninth year, is doing a remarkable job of increasing public autism awareness and fundraising for families to create supportive environments for individuals with Autism within nearby educational institutions.

This time round for example, it will hold  a Hockey Tournament that will include a fundraising match, where 75% of the proceeds raised will be allocated towards the Fair Haven School in Mundelein, specifically earmarked for the construction of new classrooms and sensory-friendly facilities that cater to both young children and adults with Autism.

Inclusivity and hope for individuals with special needs

Such initiatives serve as a strong statement of inclusivity and hope for individuals with special needs, providing them with opportunities to thrive & reach maximum potential in our society. Pucks for Autism Hockey Tournament’s ultimate goal is to raise $100,000, and the current tally stands at just under $90,000. However, with the overwhelming support from the community and participants, it is certain that the target will be easily surpassed.

There are also other avenues for donations and contributions, such as the silent auction and raffle draws featuring various valuable items and experiences. The grant program serves as a channel for Autism support and provides additional resources to other autism-related goals, in order to further improve the lives of young adults and children with Autism. 

The tournament offers a wide range of skill levels

The excitement and joy displayed by both children and young adults during these events is truly remarkable, making it a highly recommended experience for anyone looking to witness pure enjoyment and camaraderie while supporting a good cause. In the tournament there are a three-game guarantee for each team, ranging from beginner to semi-professional levels.

The playoffs on Sunday will determine champions in each division after round-robin matches have been played. There is a staggering number of divisions participating making for an even greater celebration and sense of accomplishment when teams gather with loved ones to celebrate and receive their well-deserved banners. 

Treatment & Support in Chicago

In addition to events that help Autism raise and donate funds, there are also great organizations that do a great job in providing resources and support for individuals with Autism and their families. One such organization is the Illinois Autism Center.

We at IAC are dedicated to improving the lives of those with Autism through various programs, services, and events. For quality Autism treatment, support, and resources, we are here to help.