Careers in autism
Suburban Company Trains those on Autism Spectrum For fulfilling career

As more Awareness is brought to the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, one suburban organization has made it their mission to provide opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum in the tech industry. The company, known as Aspiritech, was established in 2008 by Brenda and Moshe Weitzberg.

Inspired by their son Oran’s personal struggles in securing employment due to the challenges of being on the autism spectrum, Brenda and Moshe Weitzberg embarked on establishing a non-profit that would tackle this issue & also recognize and celebrate the unique talents of ASD individuals. Aspiritech has thrived in Evanston since 2008. Currently, it employs a diverse workforce of over 120 individuals – the majority being on the autism spectrum.

Aspiritech Reputation

Aspiritech has a reputation for promoting from within, offering entry-level pay that surpasses minimum wage. One of their core values is to value autistic team members as equals rather than limiting them to entry-level positions.

Additionally, Aspiritech provides an academy program for autistic individuals aged 18 and above who are interested in pursuing a career in technology. This six-week program offers a valuable opportunity to gain experience before seeking employment, culminating in the award of a QA (quality assurance) certificate.

Regarding accommodation, Aspiritech offers a sensory-friendly office environment and has an audio division dedicated to testing various devices, such as headphones and sound bars. One of the proud members of this division is Maxwell Huffman, a talented individual with autism who was recently promoted to Director of Operations.

Excited for the future, Huffman expresses his passion for testing audio devices through music, a shared enthusiasm among the team. 

Employee personal account

In a recent interview with Huffman, he disclosed his previous struggle to find fulfillment and satisfaction in his job. However, since joining Aspiritech, he has finally found a gratifying career where he can utilize his talents to make a positive impact while also interacting with others. Similarly, team member Julie Opalinski, who holds the position of Quality Assurance Analyst at the age of  35, shared her own experience at Aspiritech. Prior to joining the company, she worked at a grocery store earning a minimum wage, which caused her great stress.

She recalls feeling isolated and misunderstood in previous jobs due to her neurodiversity. However, at Aspiritech, she feels accepted and appreciated for her unique abilities. Opalinski acknowledges the inclusive environment at Aspiritech where team members are not marginalized for being on the autism spectrum, but instead, they are embraced and encouraged to thrive in their roles.

Autism Treatment and Support

Championing for people with autism is of utmost importance as it enables them to lead fulfilling existences. Here at Nevada Autism, we hold firm in our belief in the power of early intervention in assisting children diagnosed with Autism to reach their peak potential academically and even socially.

Through the provision of exceptional therapeutic services, including Behavioral Analysis for children who have difficulty with communication, we endeavor to offer essential assistance and provisions for individuals with autism and their loved ones. Should you require any further information, please feel free to reach out to us here.