Autism diagnosis in Chicago
Tallulah Willis shares autism diagnosis has changed her life

It is a remarkable step forward to see the Autism stigma being broken by individuals like Tallulah Willis, who bravely share their personal journeys. At the age of 30, she recently opened up about her Autism diagnosis on March 16th. Along with a touching throwback video featuring herself and her dad, Bruce Willis, Tallulah shared the news with her supporters on various social media.

Tallulah Autism Diagnosis

In the clip, Willis can play with his daughter’s head and ear while holding her close. As she humorously wrote in the post’s caption, “Tell me your autistic without telling me your autistic” accompanied by a laughing crying emoji. One of her fans, intrigued, asked if she had been diagnosed with autism as a child.

In response, Tallulah Willis revealed that this was the first time she publicly shared her diagnosis and that she only found out about it in the summer. She also mentioned how this newfound knowledge has brought about significant changes in her life. After the heartwarming exchange between mother and daughter, Tallulah’s older sister Scout Willis also joined in and expressed her admiration by commenting, “She’s stimming,” which refers to self-stimulatory behaviors. This includes repetitive movements similar to the ones Tallulah displayed in the clip.

In return, Willis playfully responded with a comment about his daughter’s ear curl and how he wished they had better audio to capture the moment. Watching the sentimental video brings forth an emotional reaction while her father fights with frontotemporal dementia.

Bruce Willis was first admitted to having aphasia in 2022 and then the more concrete diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia in February 2023.

However, his immediate family, including Rumer Willis, who is 35 years old and Tallulah Willis’ elder sister, his wife Emma Heming Willis, and their daughters Mabel, who is 11, and Evelyn, who is nine, have been supportive throughout the journey. Emma Willis shared previously that amidst grief and sorrow, there is always room for a new chapter, one filled with love, connection, joy, and happiness.

The Willis family celebrates together in moments of joy as Tallulah’s 30th birthday which took place in February and was attended by both Bruce Willis and his ex-wife Demi Moore.

Autism awareness and advocacy

Autism awareness and advocacy from prominent figures and organizations is of utmost importance as it helps break down barriers and stigma surrounding Autism. This support greatly benefits ASD children and adults, providing them with the hope of living a fulfilling and well-rounded life. At Illinois Autism, we firmly believe in the significance of early intervention in helping children diagnosed with Autism reach their maximum potential.

Through our exceptional therapeutic services, including Behavioral Analysis and speech therapy, we strive to aid children in overcoming communication challenges and thriving in all aspects of life.